Sunday, August 8, 2010


Never been hooked on phonics, but I've been hooked on electronics for some time. Not like my brother, mind you, but I dig the circuits nonetheless. That said, I can't go out and buy every new gadget available. I've had the same iPod Touch for 3 years and because of that, I've not had to buy an iPhone, thus not spending so much on a phone and a pricey plan. It helps that I don't have a job to afford a pricey phone.

I guess I can honestly say I like the idea of new electronics than the actual ones. It now takes a lot to get the AMP amped up about doohickeys anymore. Tweeking something slightly for to sell it at retail price isn't my definition of awesome. To the AMP, awesome is seeing a three-headed head on a body with four heads, as each other head has the same amount of heads on it. Confusing, but if you think about it wouldn't like like to see that rather than a new button here and a somewhat brighter screen there? I rest my case, but not my cell phone case because I don't need one.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Inebriate Yourself with the God

I just uploaded my first book, The God of Wine, to for $2.99. Entrepreneurial infancy has finally made me put .99 in a price. It's 3 freakin' bucks, everybody. Even kids know how unimportant a penny is, most thanks being to those ladies who'd give pennies in Halloween candy along with mung (the nameless, questionable taffy stuff in wax wrappings).

Anyway, it's a good book. One of my older works, but not my first. I've always dug it, so I hope others finally can. Enjoy!

So Fresh and so Clean!

Of course. First blog. First time ever. No matter. Obviously, I've started a blog for a reason. Waiting so long (mid-2010) wasn't exactly on purpose, but I really had no real reason to post a blog. Now I do. 

My name is Aaron. I live in West Virginia and I am unemployed. Hard times, really. But not too hard--I still have a roof and eat food regularly. But my purpose for making this thing is to not to sulk, or gloat exactly, but to write about creations, a.k.a. writing and music. Okay, so it is quite a bit of gloating, but yeah. 

I write fiction, semi-scifi and off-the-wall squizoozle, and I sing and play guitar in a punk rock band called No Company Town. Both small time (unpublished and unsigned) and should stay that way for some time, long enough for growth in both realms. About the unemployed thing, it's somehow part of the puzzle, although I've not yet figured out how. Got a Master's Degree, but it's kind of useless anymore. "Overqualified" is a term I have recently learned to despise. Still, not sulking. At only 31 years old, I have so much more life to do. 

Rasputin a la Carte, the name of my blog, means I "order" you to choose me as your worshipped deity, as Rasputin had many followers too. If you can worship me, you can worship Gallagher, or Pete Rose. Stick around. In the future, I'll post more things like story ideas, bad things happening with writing, No Company Townisms, and udda tings. It may be like many other beginnings of blogs, but I know that I and this new blog are so fresh and so clean. Ciao.