Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hi all. My new novel, Unmen Calling, is now available for your reading or looking at pleasure. Please do yourself a favor and don't unread it. Read it and enjoy. Find it at for prime readingness. Once again, thanks to Houston McIntyre for the cover makeage.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I again wanted to thank Houston McIntyre, also known as Harold Houston McIntyre, for the cover to "Ninetynine". It is dark, moody, and almost completely void of pleasure all while being loaded with character. He only read the first few chapters when he decided to throw together a bunch of mock-ups. All of them were good, and we settled on this one. There's bunches more to come from him, and me. Kind of a team really.

Ninetynine (no balloons)

Hey, listen to this. "Ninetynine" is now available on and it should be yours. Good read, long read. And thanks to Houston McIntyre for providing the cover image.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Following Book, Move Bishop and Rook

Long has it been since last I posted. Things change, right? And things have so totally change. But not me, just my settings. I moved and it has taken a while to regain my previous level of creativity. Actually I have regained it all, but enough to write again. And it's for this that I'm promoting my next book. It's called "Ninetynine" and it is good. Each part leads directly to the next with a fine flow. And the focus is 100% on the main character, as I've become irritated with the way many other books and TV shows jump from side stories that often serve as filler more than entertainment. I'm not at all against telling separate stories surrounding the main stories, but when they have nothing to do with the main story? Well, I ache at that. My bitterness has ended.

You're likely wondering what this book is actually about. I can sum it up in three words: century is ending. But not last century, this century. And things aren't good. You'll see. "Ninetynine" contains many main themes, so do NOT let the obvious detail of the book cloud your perception and Lump into other works with similar themes.

It is approaching, friends. Once it's completed, revised, and pretty by eyes mine, "Ninetynine" will be yours. Not to be missed, really. Thanks to all and to all a solid imagination.

Monday, September 19, 2011

The ANTI has come

Rasputin is laying back and he's mad! "Where you been?" he says. He's got a snarl that kills, too. But rest easy, Ras, for I'm back. And the time is almost upon you to read the next thing in my line of things. Not blogs, Ras. I mean novels. A novel, called Antigeneration, and it will be ready in the next couple of days. It'll only be 2 bucks to start. But it's a real good read, pretty long, and the first in a 3-part story. So please, Rasputin, stop being angry at me for my silence. Ras, by the way, is you.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Never been hooked on phonics, but I've been hooked on electronics for some time. Not like my brother, mind you, but I dig the circuits nonetheless. That said, I can't go out and buy every new gadget available. I've had the same iPod Touch for 3 years and because of that, I've not had to buy an iPhone, thus not spending so much on a phone and a pricey plan. It helps that I don't have a job to afford a pricey phone.

I guess I can honestly say I like the idea of new electronics than the actual ones. It now takes a lot to get the AMP amped up about doohickeys anymore. Tweeking something slightly for to sell it at retail price isn't my definition of awesome. To the AMP, awesome is seeing a three-headed head on a body with four heads, as each other head has the same amount of heads on it. Confusing, but if you think about it wouldn't like like to see that rather than a new button here and a somewhat brighter screen there? I rest my case, but not my cell phone case because I don't need one.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Inebriate Yourself with the God

I just uploaded my first book, The God of Wine, to for $2.99. Entrepreneurial infancy has finally made me put .99 in a price. It's 3 freakin' bucks, everybody. Even kids know how unimportant a penny is, most thanks being to those ladies who'd give pennies in Halloween candy along with mung (the nameless, questionable taffy stuff in wax wrappings).

Anyway, it's a good book. One of my older works, but not my first. I've always dug it, so I hope others finally can. Enjoy!