Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Following Book, Move Bishop and Rook

Long has it been since last I posted. Things change, right? And things have so totally change. But not me, just my settings. I moved and it has taken a while to regain my previous level of creativity. Actually I have regained it all, but enough to write again. And it's for this that I'm promoting my next book. It's called "Ninetynine" and it is good. Each part leads directly to the next with a fine flow. And the focus is 100% on the main character, as I've become irritated with the way many other books and TV shows jump from side stories that often serve as filler more than entertainment. I'm not at all against telling separate stories surrounding the main stories, but when they have nothing to do with the main story? Well, I ache at that. My bitterness has ended.

You're likely wondering what this book is actually about. I can sum it up in three words: century is ending. But not last century, this century. And things aren't good. You'll see. "Ninetynine" contains many main themes, so do NOT let the obvious detail of the book cloud your perception and Lump into other works with similar themes.

It is approaching, friends. Once it's completed, revised, and pretty by eyes mine, "Ninetynine" will be yours. Not to be missed, really. Thanks to all and to all a solid imagination.