Tuesday, November 4, 2014

New Things for New Eyes

Is all well with you kittens this day? A few things to announce since my last post in July. All of them are books!

First, it's Unmen Calling. It's a short read, but a nice walk through the werewolf-infested forest. Good for people who have claustrophobia.

Second, it's A Court for the Coward. Distopia? A near-future that could be? A megalomaniac with a giant disregard for people? You got it!

And finally, the first in my four-part series, Theodora. This is the first novel I wrote, completed back in 2005. Being the first, it was rife with grammatical nuclear blasts and less-than-dramatic character development. I hesitated ever showing the public because of this, but in the end the story is just too damn good not bring it up to speed. And that's what I did. This book took almost an entire re-write, but half a year later and it's up and running for all to enjoy.

Also, I have a new chair. It's black and faux leather and the best the to happen to my living room since the I cleaned the windows last. Cozy cozy, mmm so cozy.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hi all. My new novel, Unmen Calling, is now available for your reading or looking at pleasure. Please do yourself a favor and don't unread it. Read it and enjoy. Find it at smashwords.com for prime readingness. Once again, thanks to Houston McIntyre for the cover makeage.