Tuesday, November 4, 2014

New Things for New Eyes

Is all well with you kittens this day? A few things to announce since my last post in July. All of them are books!

First, it's Unmen Calling. It's a short read, but a nice walk through the werewolf-infested forest. Good for people who have claustrophobia.

Second, it's A Court for the Coward. Distopia? A near-future that could be? A megalomaniac with a giant disregard for people? You got it!

And finally, the first in my four-part series, Theodora. This is the first novel I wrote, completed back in 2005. Being the first, it was rife with grammatical nuclear blasts and less-than-dramatic character development. I hesitated ever showing the public because of this, but in the end the story is just too damn good not bring it up to speed. And that's what I did. This book took almost an entire re-write, but half a year later and it's up and running for all to enjoy.

Also, I have a new chair. It's black and faux leather and the best the to happen to my living room since the I cleaned the windows last. Cozy cozy, mmm so cozy.

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